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My concept is inspired by a sentence: "Do not judge a book by its cover."


This indistinct and subtle atmosphere illustrates our society in which there is no absoluteness to anything. I aim to create a neutral area - peaceful but slightly odd, fragile but strong and smooth but rough. I explore juxtaposing textures, which are desirable to touch, and so evoke emotions. This textural conflict generates irregular three dimensional patterns which share the same visual impact as they are all white.


For me white is a symbol of hiding, when white covers contrasting textures and compositions people are not at first able to distinguish between different tactile qualities – it creates a vague and abstract impression in the perceptions of touch and vision.



平靜,但帶點奇特;看似纖細,但又意外堅毅。」作者透過視覺與觸覺來闡釋表象與內在之間的關聯,並且刻意在白色的作品上製造很多微小質感,以及細微差距的觸感。細小質感被白色覆蓋,無法第一眼被發現,經由觸摸或與作品拉近距離才能感受,也呼應主題“Do not judge a book by its cover”。


作者在作品中大量運用白色,貌似單純的畫面在作品邊緣的破碎與表面的顆粒質感碰撞之下,創造混沌模糊的氛圍,給人無限想像的空間。在虛實、存在及模糊的界線中找到作者自身的平衡點, 將自我探索體現在創作上,在創作中不斷地複製找尋規律中的差異性。



contemporary jewellery / Ceramic / Art / object  Deborah Tseng is a  London based designer and artist. She combines her extensive education in crafts with traditions and ideas from a range of visual arts.  She is inspired by repetition, by decay, by time and by the minutiae of the world around her.   She hand makes all of her objects and jewellery in porcelain and metal.  Her work layers varying subtle and deliberate textures, all shrouded in the colour white.  This disguises the intricacy and invites the observer to look closely or physically interact with the work.


 Photo by Dorry Hsu

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